• Holly P. - "Great Service!"

    Teresa W. - "I believe Brad helped me & he was excellent, AMAZING customer service!! Even though I live in Glendale, I would trek back to Northglenn because of the great service!"

    Perla A. - "Amazing customer service!"

    Alyssia M. - "The installer, Brad that installed the windshield was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done for our Evo VIII. He was very helpful and friendly. It took a little longer but that was because he found some rust under the glass. He went above and beyond when he sanded, buffed and sealed the problem spot so that it will no longer be an issue. He even put a movie on in the lobby while we waited. I highly recommend this location!"

    Lynn W. - "I am very pleased with my new windshield"

    Patricia G. - "Windshield replaced quickly, very professional service, very helpful. These guys know what they're doing! :)"

    Rhonda S. - "I really appreciate the integrity with which this business operates. I will use them for future vehicle maintenance needs due to my windshield replacement experience."

    Chad C. - "Brad was very good. Was ready on time, finished fast, paid attention to detail and was overall very accommodating and professional."

    Tova C. - Great customer service, worked with Brad. He did great work, and went above and beyond what most other companies would do. Love living social for introducing new companies (new to consumers, not a brand new company) we may have never discovered.

    Chris M. - We drove down to the shop and Brad was working diligently on other cars. He came out and let us know how much before we would have my Honda civic done! He did an awesome, Beautiful Job! I would go back in the future! Brad also gave us some good tips for my car also. I thank him for a job well done.

    1/28/13 - Place is great! Brad was very accommodating and super professional. The time my car was getting it's windshield replaced went by quickly as I lounged and watched some tv. The price was very reasonable too.

    1/29/13 - I waited until the living social deal came back. I shouldn't have -- while the living social deal was great, Quality's price and service EVEN BEFORE THE DEAL was far beyond any other place I could find.

    1/28/13 - Place is great! Brad was very accommodating and super professional. The time my car was getting it's windshield replaced went by quickly as I lounged and watched some tv. The price was very reasonable too.

    1/27/13 - I went to the Vallejo location. I had a coupon from a website deal for a replacement windshield. The first thing to note here is that the company called me ahead of time, after I had made my appt., to verify the type of rear view mirror I had so that they could order anything special and give me an accurate estimate. I love that. Brad was the technician working with me - and he was fantastic. He explained everything, estimated the time accurately, and then went over the "care" for the windshield after. Even though I had a great discount from the coupon, I don't feel I was treated any less important, like some businesses do when you aren't paying full price. Brad even had the detailers run through my care really quick. I will definitely be back for auto service in the next 6 mos. This is the type of friendly, efficient, well-run business that I refer people to.

    12/30/2012 - Brad was very helpful and informative. I would Recommend to anyone.

    12/28/2012 - They were fantastic!

    12/21/2012 - Great job!

    12/18/2012 - Very friendly, good work!

    12/11/2012 - Great customer service! Thanks Brad!

    10/13/2012 - We went to their Vallejo Street location, and we were greatly impressed. We found their business through an online deal website, so we saved some money straight away. We had a crack on our Odyssey windshield and needed the whole thing replaced. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and they had a TV and comfortable sofas while they were working on the car. The whole thing took about 90 minutes, since who ever had replaced the windshield previously had not sealed it properly, resulting in a lot of rust! They scrubbed and stripped everything for free, replaced the molding and used original Honda parts for the windshield. There were no fumes or bad smell when we got the car, and the windshield is pristine. The Installation Manager took the time to explain to us the materials and the work he had done. I feel comfortable recommending their high quality service to my friends and family.

    09/25/2012 - Nice people. Did the work quickly and professionally.

    09/25/2012 - The technician was very knowledgable and efficient. He went above and beyond and did a great job on the installation of my new windshield.

    09/24/2012 - They not only repair and replace auto glass. They are a custom chop shop of sorts that repair and create custom cars... mostly old ones... like those shows on TV... it's awesome. Thanks.

    09/16/2012 - The tech was well qualified and did his job in minimum time. Great job!

    09/14/2012 - Rosemary and Brad did a great job. Thanks a ton!

    09/14/2012 - Absolutely top notch service on all fronts. Would highly recommend anyone with a need for auto work to check these guys out!

    09/12/2012 - They were great!!

    09/10/2012 - Very accommodating even when I arrived an hour early

    09/09/2012 - Friendly, efficient, and had me out of there in no time with a clean, shiny new windshield.

    09/07/2012 - The installer was great, when I need to have glass replaced on my truck I will turn to them first.

    09/05/2012 - Installer was great and very knowledgable. Very intent on doing things right the first time. Will use them again!

    09/05/2012 - The glass didnt arrive when expected and they forgot to call me but they made up for it for coming to my place at no extra charge! They also performed some extra services such as rust protection and molding at no extra charge!

    09/04/2012 - Brad and Rosemary were both great.

    08/31/2012 - On initial visit noted that the car was manufactured in 2002 though it was sold as a 2003 and therefore needed a different windshield. Re-scheduled and came back with correct windshield and did the work just fine. Handled paperwork w/ insurance company seamlessly. This is the way its supposed to work.

    08/31/2012 - Very friendly and helpful..Will go back

    08/28/2012 - Very professional and timely. Would use them again.